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1st Transnational meeting
2nd Transnational meeting
3rd Transnational meeting
4th Transnational meeting
Youth Parlament


A dialogue platform will be created:
30 permanent participants from 5 partner countries
(international working group) and in every country further 30-50 participants (extended national groups) build the dialog platform. It will analyse and discuss the
promoting and inhibiting factors of integration and participation for juvenile
migrants for different aspects, develop solutions, transfer and valorise good
practice in the integration field, including good examples of tolerance and
acceptance in the population. The platform will advocate young people, develop
integration models and new approaches to a better social cohesion, strengthen
networks and set up new networks at European level.
To screen all aspects of integration for juvenile migrants we will create 4 working groups (WG) that cover different integration issues:

WG1 Socio-economic integration of juvenile migrants
The WG will discuss about aspects of employment,
education, drop out rates, income level, social structures.

WG2 Cultural integration of juvenile migrants
The WG discuss about attitudes towards basic rules and
norms of the host country, choice of social environment (family, friends),
language skills, religious aspects, acculturation, assimilation, cultural
identity, multicultural society, European identity, acceptance and understanding, gender aspects
(religious fundamentalisms towards young women, excluding from education and
employment, compulsory marriage, violence ), xenophobia, racism.

WG3 Legal and political integration of juvenile migrants
The WG will discuss about naturalisation under
juvenile migrants, participation in politics, participation in civil society, delinquency, how to prevent the increasing political indoctrination of the young people
by extremist, anti-democratic groups of nationalistic and religious origin.

WG4 Attitudes of recipient countries
The WG will discuss about discrimination, perceptions
of juvenile migrants by the recipient society, incidence and effects of
diversity policies and role of media.