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Transnational meeting in Pisa

First transnational meeting and conference took place in Pisa (IT) from 29.11. - 03.12.06.

Programme [27 KB]

L’Università del Terzo Settore, UniTS, the Italian partner of the project Future, organised during the first transnational meeting that took place in Pisa from November 29th to December 3rd 2006, an international seminar, with the intention to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices about the integration of young migrant in Europe.
The participants in the seminars have been 40 persons coming from Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Austria, representing Local authorities, NGOs, migrant organisations working with young migrants.

Mr Luigi Bulleri, President of UniTS, followed by Mrs. Manola Guazzini, Counsellor for Social Polices, Immigration, Third Sector, and Equal Opportunities of Province of Pisa and President of Istituzione Centro Nord-Sud of Province of Pisa, has opened the seminar. Mrs Guazzini greets the audience, informing about the work the Province of Pisa is doing for the integration of migrant population.

The project coordinator, Mrs Humeyra Baykan, introduced to the public the project Future, explaining the objectives and the activities we will implement. Her presentation is enclosed to this report.

The exchange of information and best practices about the integration of young migrants started with the presentation of the Italian situation. Maria Luisa Pagano from UniTS spoke about the general situation of the migrant population in Italy. Annamaria Pieracci from Cooperativa Il Ponte that delivers information services to migrants in the Province of Pisa, focused her speech on the social integration of young migrants, and Modou Pene, cultural mediator working for ACLI, spoke on the economical integration in the Province of Pisa of young migrants. Cristina Papucci from the Istituzione Centro Nord-Sud of Province of Pisa, introduced the work this center and the Province of Pisa do for the integration of migrants. All the presentations are enclosed to this report.

After the coffee break we had an overview of young migrants’ integration in the partner countries. Gerhard Hetfleisch from ZEMIT in Austria gave some information and statistics about young migrants in Austria and the integration policy of that country (presentation enclosed to this report). The French situation was illustrated by Sandra Belgacem from ADICE that gave an overview about the different approaches to the issue “integration” used in France. Her presentation is also included to this report.

Safter Cinar from the Tuerkischer Bund in Berlin – Brandenburg, spoke about the integration of the migrant population in Germany mainly from the point of view of the Turkish community. Miguel Angel Postigo from Iniciativas Para la Formacion in Spain reported about the Spanish situation, emphasizing that the migration phenomenon is a very recent one and that lots of work has to be done for a real integration of young migrants. Both reports are enclosed to this document.

A short debate among the presents concluded the seminar. After the lunch break some participants stayed to participate in the discussion among partners that followed the seminar.


Presentation of the project (EBG) [103 KB]

Socio-Cultural Integration of Young Immigrants in Italy [31 KB]

General Situation of Young Immigrants in Spain [25 KB]

Mirgants in Germany (TBB) [156 KB]

Migrant Youth in Austria (ZeMiT) [237 KB]

The integration of young migrants in France (ADICE) [761 KB]

Role of the recipient country and recipient society I [29 KB]

Role of the recipient country and recipient society II [33 KB]

Social responsibility of the media (IPF) [33 KB]

Provincial Council for Immigration (Uni.TS) [144 KB]