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Uni.TS is a private, non governmental, Not-for-Profit training and research organisation.

It was born in 1996 on an A.N.P.AS. (one of the biggest Voluntary organisations in Italy: 1.200.000 members, 850 local associations and 100.000 volunteers) project in partnership with Local Authorities, Public Institutions and Private Companies. Among UniTS members there is the biggest Italian elderly people voluntary organisation, AUSER, with its 1.000 local associations, 60.000 volunteers and 200.000 members.


Uni.TS aims at strengthening the role and improving the efficiency of the Not-for-profit Sector in Italy through the development of research and high quality training for Not-for-profit Sector’s operators.


To increase research in the Not-for-Profit Sector

To promote and organise different training modules and seminars supporting the professional development of people working in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

To promote and support projects in the Not-for-Profit Sector at local, national and European level.

To promote activity of fundraising

To monitor the implementation of specific laws for the Not-for-Profit Sector

Services offered to the organisations of the Not-for-Profit Sector

Planning and implementation of training courses for managers, project coordinators and financial administrators

Information on fundraising at European, national and regional level

Support for projects planning and implementation

Support for project management

The themes Units Works on

- Ethic of Voluntary work
- Social Communication and Service Marketing
- Fund raising
- Project management
- Strategic, Managerial and Administrative Training for not-for-profit Organization’s Managers
- Voluntary work and the development of legislation on Voluntary organisations
- Training for social and health emergency, transport and civil protection
- Training for Coordinators of Civil Service
- Training on social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities

We implement training activities through the following methodologies:

- Training courses

Training courses are organised at different levels considering the organisation needs, with didactic and innovative educational methods like e-learning and appropriate software. Lessons are provided by qualified teachers and trainers selected by the scientific didactic committee.

- Seminars

Seminars have different themes and topics, and usually are divided in three parts: presentation of the subject, work groups monitored by the trainers; and evaluation.

- Non formal education

Non formal education refers to education which takes place outside of the formally organised school and the main goal is to “Learn by doing”. Most of the training courses are organised at international level.

Programmes and Projects

The activities and projects implemented by UniTS at national and international level, with the partnership of other institutions and associations are supported by the following European and national programmes:

Youth Programme

Leonardo da Vinci





Community Action in the field of Public Health

European Initiatives “Horizon”

European Initiatives “Youthstart”

European Initiatives “Equal”

European Social Funds

Promotion of voluntary service (National level)