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ZeMiT - Centre for Migrants in Tyrol

… was founded in 1985 as a non-profit association to support and counsel foreigners in Tyrol. ZeMiT is a labour market orientated facility for foreign workers and their families, financed by the Public Employment Service (AMS). Our association offers advice and counselling to all employed migrants in Tyrol: anonymous, free of charge and in their mother tongue for all labour market relevant topics, social, humanitarian, occupational, cultural and administrative concerns. The majority of our clients are of Turkish, Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian origin, in the year 2005 5.000 Persons made use of our service.

During the last years ZeMiT was able to increase it's work on scientific inquiries and projects on regional, national and European level. As an extension and amplification to our regular work since the year 2000 projects on discrimination and integration on the labour market and in society where scheduled and realized. Within our project "MIDAS - strategies against racism and discrimination on the labour market" an Austrian wide network of migrant associations was established and cooperation among these associations was strengthened. The project "ABAD: Work - Education - Age discrimination" scanned the situation and problems of elder migrants on the labour market. Within the project "Join In - (Re-)Integration of juvenile migrants into the labour market" we worked on the situation and various problems of juvenile migrants: a network was established, qualification measures and new counselling programmes where developed and implemented, to support their position in society and on the labour market.
ZeMiT also does lobbying, public relations and cultural events to call attention to the situation of migrants. Five "Integration balls", an alternative and intercultural ballroom dancing event, and a youth music festival where very successfully arranged. Together with other associations a periodical calendar is published, and a travelling exhibition, "migration in pictures", which addresses historical and recent developments of former "guest workers" with creative, artistic and participatory methods.
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