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The people attending to the International Conference were 45 coming from the different partners’ organizations as well as representatives coming from Spanish institutions such as “Malaga Acoge”; “Andalucia Orienta”, “Cadena Ser”..etc.
Mr. Miguel Angel Postigo, Director of IPF, followed by Ms. Ana María Pacheco, IPF International relations Coordinator, opened the International Seminar welcoming all the participants and thanking everyone for their attendance and interest in the project. Mr. Miguel Angel Postigo gives a brief introduction of the core topic in the project as well as the actual situation in Europe concerning immigration and the need of searching for different solutions to the immigration issues.
Mr Jesús Sánchez, editor of “cadena Ser” (radio), explained, according to his experience as a journalist, that a piece of information has never been denied because it deals with immigration or its main figure is an immigrant. He said that the media , as well as the citizens, has been developing a very high sensitiveness towards issues related to immigration, especially through images. He added that avoiding pejorative expressions is usual in every kind of media.
In addition, he underlined that the generalised concept of the immigrant as a person willing to do anything to survive is mostly due to the media and it does not seem to be the best way to go deeply into the coexistence and the democratic values of society. He said that part of the mistake is due to the fact that we have treated the immigration phenomenon as any common piece of information; it causes stereotypes and commonplaces about immigrants. Mr Sanchez believes that media should contribute to foster a coexistence based on democratic values; he gave some advice to edit news related to immigration to spread positive values.
On the other hand, he analysed the migration movements from the image point of view and focused on how the media can, thanks to its power and influence, tackle the migration problem from its roots.
Finally, he stressed the influence of the economic interests on the media and the need to offer a broad and strict coverage of the facts affecting immigrants in order to create a caring feeling.
Mr. Lucas Sagrado, Ms. Montserrat Jiménez and Ms. Diana Oliva from “Malaga Acoge” and “Andalucía Orienta” introduced to the audience their organizations and how their work is directly related to immigrants and their questions, specially dealing with immigrants training and professional orientation. They explained how their organizations work and the immigrants profiles whom they assist.
During the coffer break the lecturers in the Seminar exchanged comments and perspectives with members of the audience.
After the coffee break, Ms. Antonella Cardone, representative from the Italian partner “Unit TS Europa” , talked about the migrant population in Italy and : the registered migrants; the legislation in force; the procedures to enter and stay in Italy; migrants and labour; their difficulties and needs; their integration; best practices and etc…
Finally, Ms. Ms. Mercedes Lobede, “Malaga Acoge” Intercultural Mediator, gave an interesting explanation on the Intercultural communication Dynamic. First of all, she emphasized the necessity of a conflict analysis and afterwards she mentioned and explained the mediation phases.

Before the conclusion of the event, there was a brief debate after each lecturer’s presentation as well as the seminar conclusion.